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Advance-sharing and review service for audiobooks


Say Hello to titleShare, and say Goodbye to Confusing, Insecure and Unreliable Filesharing Solutions

Booktrack titleShare is the new audiobook advance-sharing tool specifically designed for Publishers. TitleShare provides publishers with the tools to securely share any audiobook titles with anyone, whilst staying in full control of your audio files.

Booktrack recognized a need in the industry, and realized the value in our powerful audiobook platform.

titleShare by Booktrack is the audiobook sharing tool specifically designed to make the distribution, administration, and enjoyment of your audiobooks a simple and delightful experience.

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 5 Reasons You’ll Love titleShare


titleShare is designed to protect your IP. Your audiobook is secured on our platform from the moment you upload it.


Your titles are only shared with the people you choose, and you can revoke access at any time.

Easy for You

Share single titles or complete libraries with individuals or groups of listeners at the click of a button.

Easy for your Listeners

No more side-loading files, or losing your place in a story. titleShare is super easy for your listeners, just log in and start listening.

Data Visibility

Immediately see who can access your audiobook, and who has (and hasn’t) taken a listen.


 Sharing is as Easy as 1,2,3

  1. Upload the audiobook to titleShare

2. Share the title

3. Listeners log in and enjoy!

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