Services Post-Production


Our hyper-responsive team of top notch sound engineers provide all your editing, quality control, mixing and mastering audiobook post-production services.



The Path to Scale

The biggest challenge facing Publishers of Audio is keeping production on schedule and minimizing the amount of time required in studio with your Narrators. Booktrack prides itself on working in sync with your studio time. From our vantage point, done right, producing a high quality audiobook can take as little 2 weeks from start to finish. We’re here to help you realize that potential.

We deliver the quality that you need at a speed that takes your publishing program to the next level.

The Details

Editing and Quality Control

All editing takes place in our studios under the guidance of our professional audio engineers.

We take care of everything from adjusting the dynamics and tone of the performance, narration cleanup, managing room tone, fixing human sounds, through to titling and tagging of the files.

Mixing and Mastering

Booktrack works with the biggest names in the publishing world to produce market-ready audiobook content. We know how to achieve the perfect result for your audiobook.

Our mix will ensure a consistent, high quality listening experience throughout your audiobook.

We will master to industry standards to ensure seamless distribution, or we can master to your personal specifications.

Our Studio

Located in the thriving heart of Manila, our Studios are equipped with all the bells and whistles you might expect but most notably a happy team of sound engineers who are committed to making your audiobook a listening pleasure.