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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is titleShare for?

    titleShare allows publishers to safely and securely share their audiobooks with anybody via our audiobook player. This means that pre-release titles can be shared with authors, agents, marketing teams, reviewers and any other relevant parties. In addition, complimentary copies of audiobooks can now be distributed in a safe, user-friendly way, without requiring store credits.

  • How do I load my audiobook

    We will provide you with a secure SFTP account. You simply transfer your audio files, cover image, title and description and the audiobook will be automatically loaded into your library for distribution to your readers.

  • How do I share the audiobook with my listeners?

    You simply log in to your account at our website, enter the email address of the audiobook recipient(s), select the title(s) you want to share, and the system takes care of the rest. titleShare will email the recipient to let them know the audiobook is available, then guide them through installing the reader app on their iOS or Android device. When they log in to the app the audiobooks will be available.

    Note that during trial periods, this functionality is controlled by the titleShare team, and requests to share titles will be processed via email.

  • That sounds great, how much dies it cost?

    Please contact us at sales@booktrack.com for information on pricing.

  • Where can I get the app from?

    The mobile app is available for iOS, Android support is coming very soon.

  • Can I take my audiobooks down?

    Yes, removing listener access to your audiobooks is just as easy as adding access. You remain in control of your content at all times. Once you have removed access in the system, the audiobook will be removed from your listener's audiobook list the next time they use the application.

  • How can I ask more questions?

    Contact us at sales@booktrack.com for more information.

  • What's the audiobook player like?

    Glad you asked...