Evolution of Booktrack - Retirement of the eBook Platform July 2019.

Over the past 10 years Booktrack has developed world class technology in creating long-form soundtracks for ebooks and audiobooks. The initial focus was providing an open platform for users to create their own soundtracks for ebooks. Through this ebook platform 100,000’s of soundtracks were created for stories from all around the world. 

It was an aspirational model to add additional contextual soundtracks to the reading experience. However without integration into the main ebook platforms, distribution and monetization of the soundtracked content proved difficult. As such we will be retiring the ebook Booktrack studio from 1st August 2019.

We would like to thank all the contributors over the years who created amazing original work on our platform. Without your enthusiasm to try something new we would have never progressed our technology.

Today Booktrack is solely focused on providing production and technology solutions for the Audiobook industry. We have found a better home for our technology in the Audiobook market and continue to focus on adding the emotional layer a soundtrack offers.

To our ebooks contributors if you would like an audiobook produced or wish to have your soundtrack overlaid on an existing matching audiobook please contact us.

Once again thank you to those who embraced our vision and please watch out for soundtracked audiobooks available now on all platforms.

Best Regards

Mark Cameron

Co-Founder CEO